A free-flowing work environment that keeps costs to a minimum.

Co-working nurtures a community of like-minded individuals.

Co-working space is a flexible office solution focused around a collaborative, social and creative working environment. Offices are shared between individuals from different organisations at an all-inclusive monthly bill, with no long term utility commitments. The rise of co-working is a popular trend amongst the serviced office industry and these spaces are often occupied by entrepreneurs looking to get a foot in the door.    


In an age where businesses are being run by a laptop in a coffee shop, it’s handy to have alternative working environments, as not everyone needs the traditional office. There are obvious financial benefits of co-working spaces since there are no set up costs, no long term commitments and utility costs are shared amongst those occupying the office. As a result, this type of office solution is ideal for small businesses, free-lancers and start-ups. Along with the financial advantages of co-working, what makes it so desirable is the culture it represents by promoting a social work place. Individuals from all over can work in tandem while exchanging expertise, allowing co-working offices to become a creative incubator that facilitates the perfect, flexible work space.


We have a lengthy catalogue of co-working spaces, all fitted with communal kitchen areas and lounges to encourage a healthy networking environment. Our co-working spaces offer dedicated desks with ergonomic furnishings, along with IT systems and communications designed to deliver high-speed internet to allow your business to run effectively. Other features include Wi-Fi and in-house support.  


Offices are fully operational and ready to use, allowing you to move in straight away. Our roster of flexible co-working spaces provide a number of practical services such as storage space, VoIP phones, printers, photocopiers and scanners. Many of our co-working options also offer contemporary conference suites, complete with presentation and video conferencing facilities.